A Very Old Man in Za’atari

After living in Syria for more than a century, Yousef had to be convinced to flee the fighting and seek safety in Jordan.

Calais – A Way Out

After months in a cold and muddy encampment known as ‘the Jungle’, some refugees are taking up France’s offer of a journey to safety.

The Most Important Thing

They fled Angola nearly empty-handed. Now finally returning home, some after decades in exile, 11 refugees present their most cherished belongings.

Democratic Republic of the Congo
Syrian Brothers Together Again

When he fled the war in Syria in 2014, Ali feared he might never see Ahmed again. But a UK court ruling has helped the brothers reunite in London.

Syria United Kingdom
Welcome to New Bujumbura

Unable to bring their capital city with them when they fled Burundi, some refugees are creating a home away from home in Uganda.

Burundi Uganda
Safety Under One Roof

Young Thuraya and her eight brothers and sisters are given a new home and a warm welcome in Austria, far from the bombs and bullets that shattered their world.

Syria Austria
Life Begins As One in a Million

After travelling from Lebanon in her mother's womb, Samar Alzayadi can rightfully claim to be the millionth refugee or migrant to have arrived in Europe by sea in 2015.

Syria Greece
Syria’s Landmarks Restored in Miniature

As conflict lays waste to Syria’s rich cultural heritage, exiled artists in Za’atari refugee camp recreate major landmarks as a gesture of defiance.

Syria Jordan
The Long Journey

After explosions rock their home in Syria, a young family set out on a perilous journey in search of sanctuary in northern Europe.

The Germans Welcoming Refugees Into Their Homes

Spare rooms are no longer vacant and home offices have become bedrooms. Meet the Germans opening their doors to refugees arriving in Europe.

War Survivor Focuses Lens on Refugees

Photographer Giles Duley barely survived an explosion in Afghanistan. His lasting wounds allow him to connect with the people he captures on film.

A New Approach to Emergencies Takes Root in Africa

On her first mission to Africa as the UN’s Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees, Kelly T. Clements found lessons for managing the global refugee crisis.

War and Hunger Drive South Sudan Displacement

Two years of fighting kept farmers from their fields. Now chronic hunger is forcing increasing numbers of people to make risky journeys in search of help.

South Sudan
Nakout’s Great Escape

Having survived life as a sex slave, a daring escape from her captors and a gruelling journey across land and sea, Nakout is stopped in her tracks in northern Greece.

South Sudan Greece
2015: The Year of Europe’s Refugee Crisis

Hundreds of thousands of people have fled across the Mediterranean Sea this year to escape war and persecution. Here are seven key events in this unfolding drama.

Greece Austria Italy
The Colour of Sorrow

Lina fled Syria when snipers gunned down her teenage son. Now a refugee in Jordan, she is drawing strength from her art.

Syria Jordan
Once a Refugee, Now a Helping Hand

A police commander, a farmer and a teacher who once fled war in the Balkans are among those helping refugees and migrants crossing into Croatia.

A Teenage Refugee Champions Girls’ Education

A passionate advocate for the education of girls and young women in Jordan’s refugee camps, Muzon has been hailed as Syria’s answer to Malala.

The Keleti Passage

An art project in Hungary showcases refugees and volunteers whose lives intersected at Budapest’s central train station.

Lesvos: Crossing to Safety

As thousands of refugees land daily on the Greek island of Lesvos, world-renowned photographer Giles Duley documents the relief and suffering of reaching dry land.

Humans of Lesvos

Street photographer Brandon Stanton takes ‘Humans of New York’ on the road, profiling refugees, volunteers and aid workers in Europe.

Greece Austria
Songs of Love and Exile in the Sahara

Musicians fleeing conflict in Mali keep their culture alive in a remote corner of Mauritania.

Mali Mauritania
The Kids Foraging for a Future

In the Dominican Republic, thousands of stateless children are struggling to secure their right to a nationality.

Dominican Republic
Vulnerable and Looking for a Home

The very young, the aged and the disabled face especially difficult challenges while waiting to cross borders in Europe.