A Teenage Refugee Champions Girls’ Education

A passionate advocate for the education of girls and young women in Jordan’s refugee camps, Muzon has been hailed as Syria’s answer to Malala.

The Keleti Passage

An art project in Hungary showcases refugees and volunteers whose lives intersected at Budapest’s central train station.

Lesvos: Crossing to Safety

As thousands of refugees land daily on the Greek island of Lesvos, world-renowned photographer Giles Duley documents the relief and suffering of reaching dry land.

Humans of Lesvos

Street photographer Brandon Stanton takes ‘Humans of New York’ on the road, profiling refugees, volunteers and aid workers in Europe.

Greece Austria
Songs of Love and Exile in the Sahara

Musicians fleeing conflict in Mali keep their culture alive in a remote corner of Mauritania.

Mali Mauritania
The Kids Foraging for a Future

In the Dominican Republic, thousands of stateless children are struggling to secure their right to a nationality.

Dominican Republic
Vulnerable and Looking for a Home

The very young, the aged and the disabled face especially difficult challenges while waiting to cross borders in Europe.

As War Drags on, Athletes Cry Foul

They were at the top of their game when fighting shook the Central African Republic. Now living as refugees, six stars wonder if they’ll ever compete at that level again.

Central African Republic DR Congo
Return to Somalia

Ali worried that his young children would never meet their grandma or see the ocean. Now, after five years in exile, they are going home to Kismayo.

Kenya Somalia
Protection by Presence

Hana Zabalawi was a refugee herself, but now she’s on the other side. In the pouring rain she offers hope to people with deeply uncertain futures.

A Warm Austrian Welcome for Refugees

A grandma, a teacher and a mayor are among thousands of volunteers from all over Austria embracing desperate refugees seeking safety in Europe.

Fishing for an Education

Children fleeing deadly conflicts in Sudan and South Sudan share a singular pursuit: catching mudfish to pay for their schooling.

Sudan South Sudan
A Swedish Chef Serves Hot Meals to Refugees

When he heard about the refugee crisis in Europe, Victor Ullman packed his knives, drove to Croatia and started cooking.

Crossing to Safety

Bzeibiz Bridge, which spans the Euphrates River just west of Baghdad, has become a lifeline for Iraqis fleeing violence in Anbar Province.

Young Afghans Weigh Their Future

Sonita was born and raised in Iran. Zia arrived at age six. Meet two Afghan refugees intent on rebuilding their ancestral homeland.

Iran Afghanistan
The Young Girl and the Sea

Another boat ferrying refugees to Europe has capsized between Turkey and Greece. Rescuers arrived too late to save them all.

Turkey Greece
Looking for Hany

Our five-part series follows an aspiring young artist who fled Syria with his family and must cope with a debilitating eye condition.

Syria Lebanon Canada
Yahya’s Escape

After his mother died, the young boy was beaten, deprived of an education and forced to work. One day he found a way out.

Gambia Italy
Finding Refuge in Music

When the bullets began flying in Bangui, Simplice fled on his crutches. At Mpoko Airport, he found safety – and several fellow musicians.

Central African Republic
An Education, Multiplied

The 2015 Nansen Refugee Award goes to an Afghan schoolteacher who has transformed the lives of a thousand refugee girls in Pakistan.

Afghanistan Pakistan
Education and the Future for Afghan Refugees

Refugee children in Pakistan often struggle to access quality education. But that’s exactly what they need to one day rebuild their country.

Afghanistan Pakistan Iran
Music for Peace

When Alaa fled war in Syria he refused to be separated from his violin. Little did he know his musical talent would become his lifeline.

Syria Lebanon Italy
Abandoned at Sea

Smugglers cast 5,000 desperate souls adrift on the Andaman Sea. Survivors spoke to UNHCR about their terrifying ordeal.

Myanmar Bay of Bengal
A Lonely Birth

For Syrian mothers living as refugees in Iraq’s Kurdistan region, a birth is an addition to the family and a reminder of happier times.