Mahmoud’s story

Mahmoud makes a snow angel outside his new school in Torsby, Sweden.

UNHCR/Johan Bävman

Safe Harbour

Bullied and shot at in Egypt, Mahmoud begins a new life in Sweden.
The epic journey of a 9-year-old refugee from Syria – Part 2

Mahmoud’s story
  • Producer
    Zahra Mackaoui
  • Camera
    Marc Hofer
17 April 2014 17 April 2014
Syria Sweden

Mahmoud and his family are refugees from Aleppo, Syria. Initially they fled to Egypt, but young Mahmoud was bullied, beaten and detained there as public sentiment towards Syrian refugees soured.

In December 2013, the family learned that they had been accepted for resettlement to Europe. The following month, they travelled to the small town of Torsby, Sweden, where they are making a new beginning.

“I have travelled twice before in my life, but the last two times we travelled we were escaping,” said Mahmoud. “And this time I am going to live a new life.”

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